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Get Paid Cash Today!

We come to you, pay you, and tow it away.

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Get Paid Cash Today!

We come to you, pay you, and tow it away.

Nunu’s Towing & Salvage

We buy scrap cars around and near Milwaukee, WI. We also offer low flat rate towing services and roadside assistance that will get you out of a tight spot!

NuNu’s Towing & Salvage is a trusted local business operating out of West Allis, WI. We are a fully insured company and have a reliable and friendly team to boot!

Unlike our competitors who try to low-ball their customers, we value your time. This is why we will pay you what we’ve promised; upfront and no strings attached!

Need to get rid of your junk car? Get paid cash today!

Contact Us Today!

How It’s Done

  • Contact Us Today!

    Contact us and tell us about your car.

  • We give you an Honest Estimate

    We give you an estimate for the worth of your car.

  • We pick up your vehicle

    We come to you and pick up your vehicle at your convenience.

  • We pay you!

    We pay you upfront with no strings attached!


Was a nice experience dealing with a legitimate company only place I could actually talk to someone who was nice and understanding. He helped me removing my crashed car same day and paid us $300 so I was super happy!

I couldn’t believe how fast they made it to me! I got off the phone with nick and they had a truck at my house within 10 minutes.

Nick on the phone was awesome! he gave me a quote right away and had a truck to pick the car up in less than an hour was amazed how fast and easy the process was thanks so much you guys

Sold these guys my 2005 ford expedition, very professional. Paid me cash on the spot and picked the vehicle up in a very tricky spot!


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