We’re all aware of how commonplace accidents are in the U.S. Once you ensure the safety of everyone in the car, the safety of your car is what follows next. Read more

When it comes to the world of automobiles, there are two types of owners. Those who believe there’s nothing wrong with their car and that it’s only ‘superficially damaged’ even after an accident; ones who know there’s something wrong with their car but their emotional attachment doesn’t allow them to let it go! Read more

There comes a time for many when you might have held on to an old car (for sentimental reasons) but now really need to let it go. Chances are you tried to sell the thing with little or no luck, and it has come to a point that your only options are to either sell your junk car to a scrap yard or donate it to a charity. Read more

You might have an old or unwanted car sitting in your driveway that you have been looking to sell to a scrap yard as junk. Among the numerous recyclable and salvageable components within your vehicle, there are those that are best left to the yard and others that you can remove and sell yourself if you’ve found a buyer. Read more

Letting go of an old car can be quite heart breaking. This is especially so if the car has seen you through younger days, tougher times and has gotten you from one place to another on more occasions than you can count. Read more

The decision to scrap an old car can sometimes be a hard one. At other times, it might be something welcome. In any case, it might help to know that when your vehicle has done its time, scrapping really is the best way to go! Read more

Are you getting sick of seeing your decade-old car catching dust in your garage? Recycling might seem like a good idea but wait; you have no idea where the title of your car is, so you don’t think you can get rid of it now? Well, lucky for you, that’s not true, especially if you’re in Milwaukee, WI! Read more

The most obvious candidates that come to mind on hearing the word ‘recycling’ are probably plastic and paper. However, thanks to the recent boost in advancement and awareness, automobiles have become among the most recycled commodities in the market, with over 4 million motor vehicles recycled annually in the U.S. and Canada alone. Read more

Despite any possible emotional attachments there are times when we have no choice but to part with our old cars and vehicles. This could be after having them sit in our driveways for years in the hopes that one day we might have the time and resources to get them back up and running. Read more

You might have an extremely old car that has done its time and outlived its usefulness that simply takes up space in your driveway.

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