Electrical Components of Your Car You Can Sell Before Junking

You might have an old or unwanted car sitting in your driveway that you have been looking to sell to a scrap yard as junk. Among the numerous recyclable and salvageable components within your vehicle, there are those that are best left to the yard and others that you can remove and sell yourself if you’ve found a buyer.

Among the components that you can remove and sell yourself, there are numerous auto-electronics and other related electronic systems that can easily be removed and sold individually.

Electrical Components You Can Sell Before Junking Your Car

We’re going to elaborate on some of the electrical components within your can that can be removed with minimal effort and easily sold.

1. Car Battery

The first on our list is your car’s battery. Regardless of why you’re looking to sell your vehicle as scrap, battery problems are likely not among your reasons. In many instances, the car battery may actually be in much better condition than the rest of the vehicle.

Car batteries can be used in other cars (of course) but can also be used as backup storage batteries for emergency electrical systems.

2. Lights and Such

Your head and tail lights as well as other car lights are not necessarily of particular value when it comes to resale. In most cases these are best left to the scrapping company. If, however, you have made an investment on a new set of lights shortly before deciding to scrap your ride, those not-so-used lights might just fetch you a decent price on the used car parts market!

3. Sound Systems

Your auto sound system probably comprises of a control panel, connecting cables and speakers. If you’re car is equipped with a beat up stock system, don’t even bother. Salvage won’t be worth the time or trouble.

On the flipside, if you invested in say a special auto sound system (speakers and all), you probably know that if in working order, that’s money right there! Carefully removing a working sound system (especially one with high resale value) is highly advisable! This could include the usual as well as an amplifier, a sub woofer set etc.

4. GPS Systems

A cars GPS system is something that can fetch a half decent price even when sold secondhand. Though for the most part, built-in systems have been overshadowed by the GPS systems most people have access to via their phones, this component is still worth removing before you scrap!

4. Other Electronic Accessories

You might have a car fitted with other electronic accessories not mentioned here. These could include a front video panel, a rear view camera, a remote starter and other such components. If you feel a component can be easily removed and will be worth if resold, go for it!

Bottom Line

If you sell your unwanted car to a junk yard and are tied for cash looking to make the most of the transaction, salvage the electronics you feel can be resold. At the same time don’t get greedy as a lot of the items in your car could just end up not being sold and taking up space.

Be smart, salvage what you can get rid of and leave the rest to the scrapping company you’re selling to! If you’re looking for a reliable junk car service in the Milwaukee area, don’t sweat it! Just give us a shout. We’ll take care of the rest.

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