Selling Your Car to a Junkyard? Watch out for these Scams

You might have an extremely old car that has done its time and outlived its usefulness that simply takes up space in your driveway.

Alternatively, you might also have suffered a major car accident and left with an unusable vehicle on your hands.

If in either case you have opted to forego any potential insurance settlements and feel you would rather sell your car as scrap to a junk company, there are a few things you might want to be mindful of.

Scams to Look Out For

Though selling a car to a junk removal company is a great idea, you want to make sure you do business with the right people and do not get caught up with someone who is out to scam or hustle you.

For this reason, we have listed some of the ways in which you could be duped in order to help you avoid them.

The Last Minute 

This refers to something that many crooked junk dealers and companies might do. What happens here is you will be promised a certain sum over the phone or via email. You will be ensured that everything is in order and all you need to do is to bring your car around. When you do finally make it to the sale point however, the buyer will reduce their offer and make some insistent justification for it. Don’t ever go for something like this.

Towing Fees

A reliable and reputable Junk Car Service Milwaukee WI will likely offer you free tow services if you are doing business with them. If a tow fee is pre-stated when you’re discussing numbers in advance well and good. Unfortunately, some companies and dealers try to scam those selling by dropping in a previously unmentioned towing fee when they come in from the pickup. Make sure that you’re clear on any hidden costs to avoid this!

Delay in Payment 

This one should really get you up and alert. When dealing in scrap and junk, do not accept anything short of instant payment. If the company or individual you are dealing with tries to justify sending you a check or something of the sort days after the actual transaction, chances are they are scamming you and won’t follow through. Always go for companies and dealers that promise payment instantly or within a 12 hour span.

Doing a Favor

At times you might be told that your car is so useless and shot that it has no value whatsoever. The dealer might then proceed to offer to take it off your hands as a gesture of goodwill for a tiny sum. Though we cannot know for sure everyone’s intentions, in most cases, this is another scam. What the dealer is actually doing here is raising their own profit margin without you even knowing it.

Unclear Estimates 

At times you will find individuals who ask you to bring your car over to the junkyard and might make lofty yet uncertain promises with regard to value. Once there however, they will proceed to try and purchase your vehicle for far less than what you were promised. This says scam all over!


The points and situations mentioned above are just some of the things that you need to look out for when looking to sell your wrecked, damaged or junk cars. In case you’re looking for a reliable junk car service Milwaukee, come on over and let us sort you out!

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