The Ins And Outs Of Car Recycling: All You Need To Know

The most obvious candidates that come to mind on hearing the word ‘recycling’ are probably plastic and paper. However, thanks to the recent boost in advancement and awareness, automobiles have become among the most recycled commodities in the market, with over 4 million motor vehicles recycled annually in the U.S. and Canada alone.

For most people though, car recycling still remains to be an intriguing mystery. This is why our guys here at Cash for Junk Cars put together a little guide that might help you understand more about car recycling:

Removal of fluids

The first step in auto recycling is draining of fluids. Used motor oil is otherwise likely to be spilled and mixed into rivers, lakes, streams and can ultimately end up in our drinking water as well. It is extremely hazardous for us as well as for the environment. Hence, fluids need to be drained, after which they are stored and then shipped to processing plants for further use.

Recyclable Components

Tires, batteries, glass, radiators, steel and iron components are some of the most recycled parts of a car. These can be used as scrap for production of new items as well. Almost 40 percent of the world’s steel production is made from scrap.


Often, people looking for car parts like engines, transmissions or doors also look around junkyards to find them from old vehicles and put them to good use.

Recycling Process

Any recyclable parts that can’t be resold are removed, after which the remaining parts are put into the crusher to compact the metal and then put into the shredder.

After the metal is shredded, it is categorized into ferrous and non-ferrous; and any plastic, foam or glass residue is thrown away.

The remaining scrap metal is recycled and melted down to be made suitable for reuse.

Dismantling Cars

When all or most of the parts of the car have been taken out, only the metal frame of the car remains. These remains go through the process of dismantling where the frame is flattened before they go into an industrial shedder and reduced to small pieces of metal. This metal is cleaned to remove any plastic, rubber or glass residue and then sold to steel mills for recycling.

Car recycling might sound like a long, complicated procedure but if you’re looking to sell your Broken car Milwaukee, WI, then fortunately, all you have to do is sit back and call 414 217-4023 and ask for an estimate of your car.  Nunu’s will pick up your car at your convenience and give you cash instantly.

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