What to Do with Your Totaled Car?

We’re all aware of how commonplace accidents are in the U.S. Once you ensure the safety of everyone in the car, the safety of your car is what follows next.

In case of a minor accident, it’s safe to say that with a little repair, your car would be in good enough shape to get back on the road. However, sometimes the damage is so severe it throws repairs out of question.

If your car falls in the latter category, this blog’s for you. Let’s take a look at some of the things you can do with a totaled car.

1. Claim your Vehicle Insurance

For you to claim your insurance money, it’s necessary that your insurance provider declare it totaled. This happens in cases where the company is certain that the repair cost would be more than your car’s actual worth.

While this may be easy in case of a complete wreck, it’s a lot harder to ascertain in other cases. What appears as minor damage often requires repairs that surpass your car’s worth.

Your insurance company will offer a cash value for your totaled car once they’re done with its inspection. If your accident doesn’t meet the terms of your insurance agreement, they will deduct a cash value before paying you.

Before handing over your car to the company, conduct research to get an estimate on your car’s worth. If you disagree with your company’s claim, you have the liberty of hiring an appraiser to give a second opinion.

2. Donate your Car

You can make a contribution to a worthy cause by donating your vehicle to charity. Look up organizations that accept donated cars online. Contact the charity and schedule a pick-up once you’ve made your mind. If your vehicle is in drivable condition, you can drive to drop it off at the charity location.

3. Sell your Car to a Junk Car Company

One eco-friendly method of getting rid of your totaled car is selling it to a junk car company. Aside from paying you good cash for it, they also recycle your car for reuse; allowing you to play your part in minimizing pollution.

However, if your vehicle has an insurance claim, you need to inform your company that you intend on keeping the car. They’ll pay you the insurance money after deducting a particular amount. This amount covers the money they would have obtained on submitting your car to a junkyard.


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