5 Things to do before you Scrap your Vehicle

The decision to scrap an old car can sometimes be a hard one. At other times, it might be something welcome. In any case, it might help to know that when your vehicle has done its time, scrapping really is the best way to go!

5 Things to Do Before you Scrap your Vehicle

If you’ve decided that you’re ready to scrap an old, damaged or unwanted vehicle, kudos to you! In order to make this process even simpler, we’re going to really quickly elaborate on some of the things you might want to do before you have your vehicle picked up by a scrapping company.

Personal Affects

Before handing over your car, the first thing you want to do is to make sure you have emptied out all your personal belongings. This would mean checking the glove box, the trunk and the spaces between and under the seats among others. You don’t want to realize you left something of value behind once your vehicle has been towed.

Valuable Parts

There might be parts in your car that are salvageable and hold value on their own. Sometimes the value of these parts can add a little bonus to what the scrapping company gives you for the rest of the car. It helps to inspect your car for parts that can be sold or reuse and remove what is salvageable before having your car junked.


Why waste fuel? Especially in today’s world where fuel prices are unstable at best, it helps to use up any gas you make have left in your tank. If your car has a tank of petrol but you don’t feel up to going for a spin, maybe siphon the petrol into a jerry can before sending the vehicle off to the yard.

Title Deeds and Paperwork

Though there are scrap yards which might not need a title deed, having one is always preferable and can sometimes even fetch you a better price. Make sure you have all your vehicles paperwork in order before the scrappers arrive for collection.

Plates and Insurance

Don’t forget to have your car insurance cancelled. Inform the registration authorities and inform them that the car is no longer in your name. Last but not least, make sure you remove both your license plates and return and store them.

Get Your Ride’s Worth

If you’ve followed the steps above you’re ready to go! All you need now is a reliable Junk Car Service in Milwaukee that you can sell your damaged, used or unwanted vehicle to for cash! We operate out of West Allis and we’d love to be of service! Just give us a shout and we’ll do the rest!

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