7 Items That Have Value Even if Your Car is Junk

There comes a time for many when you might have held on to an old car (for sentimental reasons) but now really need to let it go. Chances are you tried to sell the thing with little or no luck, and it has come to a point that your only options are to either sell your junk car to a scrap yard or donate it to a charity.

If you could use a few extra dollars to tide you over, selling to a junkyard would probably be the best way forward.

7 Items that May Have Value in a Junk Car

As you may already know up to 80% of your junk vehicle can either be salvaged or recycled. That being said a lot of the separating and recycling can only be done in a scrap yard with the right equipment and a trained scrapping team.

There are however components of your vehicle that you may remove and sell or reuse yourself before having your car scrapped. Here are seven of them!

1. GPS Systems

The first item on our list is your car’s GPS system. Even if your car is run down to the point that getting it repaired is no longer worth it, your GPS system might be one of the things still in working order. It helps to have all the GPS components removed from your vehicle before sending it in to be scrapped.

2. Catalytic Converters

Most if not all cars manufactured post the 70s or 80s come equipped with catalytic converters as part of the exhaust system. These converters ensure that harmful gasses emitted by the engine are broken down into less harmful forms before being let out.

These converters contain metals which are what add to their value when it comes to resale.

3. Bumpers

If your bumpers are in good condition, removing and selling them separately could fetch you some extra cash if you find a private buyer. People are often looking for second hand bumper replacements and depending on what car the bumper is for, these could be in high demand.

4. Fenders

Fenders like your bumpers are another component that people often look for second hand as brand new fenders may either be pricey or out of production. If yours are in reasonable condition and you have a line on someone you could sell them to, removing them might be a good idea.

5. Radio/Stereo

You car’s radio or stereo system can be sold separately as well. In most cases, this component stops working before the rest of the car! That being said, if you’re someone who invested in your sound system at the same rate as you put in work under the hood, you probably have something hooked up which is worth salvaging and selling!

6. Cooling Systems

Though these might be tricky to remove, cooling systems as well as the compressor component of the same can be sold separately. Alternatively, you can even reuse these on a car you own that might need work and save yourself a few bucks.

7. Tires and Wheel Covers

Last but not least, we’ve got your tires and wheel covers. These if in reasonable condition are extremely easy to sell and have a decent resale value to boot for the most part. Removing these before you send your vehicle in to be scrapped is always a good idea!

Winding Down

Though we do advise that you make the most out of your vehicle to the last minute, always consider feasibility. Where components like tires and even GPS systems and other electronics might be easy to remove, components like compressors might take a bit of extra work.

If you were about to junk your ride in any case, whatever you can squeeze out of it will me over and above the expected regardless! Just find yourself a reliable scrapping company offering to scrap your junk car for cash at a reasonable rate. If you’re looking for such a scrapping company in Milwaukee, we’ve got you covered!

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