Repair or Replace: What to do with my Old Car?

Letting go of an old car can be quite heart breaking. This is especially so if the car has seen you through younger days, tougher times and has gotten you from one place to another on more occasions than you can count. Sure there will be memories and emotional attachment, but with cars, there comes a time when your old ride just has to go.

Why Can’t I Just Have it Repaired?

Sure you can have your car repaired. We’re not against that. This being said, if you have been paying for repairs for a period of time now, you might be wondering if it is really worth it. You should know that there are times when even having your car repaired is just not worth the money, time and trouble.

Repair or Replace?

You’re probably wondering how and where to draw the line between repairing and replacing your car. We’re going to elaborate on a few particulars to try and help you make that decision.

Summing Up 

The first thing you want to do is a little cost calculation. You want to see if the car you’re holding on to is becoming too much of a monetary burden or liability. If it is, letting go and possibly having it scrapped might be a good idea.

Here are some things you might want to take into account when determining the worth of your vehicle.

Maintenance Cost

The regular maintenance costs for older cars can sometimes end up being more than that of a newer model. Frequency of maintenance visits might also go up with an older vehicle. It is imperative to determine these costs as they give you a fair idea of the baseline you’re spending on your old car.

Repairs & Replacements

Anyone who has owned and old vehicle would know that annual repair costs (which do not include regular maintenance) can be quite high. This is especially so if the parts for your car are rare or out of production. Average repair costs should be taken into consideration.

Sale and Purchase

Finally you want to get a sense of what a new car of your choice would cost you and the value you could possibly receive for the old one.

Is it Worth It?

When you calculate the things mentioned above, you will have a clear sense of what your car costs you annually. This should allow you to decipher whether it is monetarily sensible to hold on to the vehicle or to sell it and look into a new one.

Other Bits and Bobs

Apart from money and costs, you might want to replace a car because it just isn’t as reliable as it used to be. Maybe the thing once got you where you needed to be when you needed, but now you find yourself running late more often than not because of a vehicular breakdown. In this or a similar situation, considering selling your vehicle might be a good idea.

When Repair is not worth the Value

Often, when repairs and maintenance exceeds the vehicles value, even insurance companies want to wash their hands clean. In such situations, you would likely have trouble finding a buyer too, especially with US auto sales down this year! This isn’t something to worry about. If you feel that vehicle is past the point of sale or repair, sell it to us! At Nunu’s, we’ll be happy to take those old vehicles off your hands! You can sell us your used, damaged or unwanted cars for hard cash on the spot. Just give us a shout and come on over!

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